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Metric settings for PCB milling

Julian requested to merge pcb-mill-metric into master

Created by: s-ol

  • adds 'set PCB settings (mm)' (like 'set PCB settings', but with mm units)
  • makes 'mill raster 2D' compatible with mm-settings in the settings object
  • updates the 'machines / Roland / MDX / PCB' program to use the new modules

There are other programs that use 'set PCB settings' that I have not updated:

programs/10 machines/40 ShopBot/PCB
programs/99 Solidworks xDesign/Roland SRM20 PCB
programs/10 machines/70 Othermill-Bantam Tools/PCB
programs/10 machines/10 Roland/20 SRM-20 mill/PCB Relative
programs/10 machines/10 Roland/30 MDX mill/PCB
programs/10 machines/10 Roland/20 SRM-20 mill/PCB
programs/10 machines/10 Roland/40 iModela mill/PCB

It could be done with a bit of braindead copy-pasting, but it would be really nice to have a simpler way to do this. Maybe these default programs could be shipped as templates that copy in and format the current modules instead of finished modules that are hard to update? Then they could run as part of make as well.

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