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image: python:alpine
image: python:3.8-slim
# install Git for the mkdocs revision plugin
- time apt update && apt-get install -y git
# Install mkdocs and theme
- time pip install -r requirements.txt
stage: test
- time mkdocs build --site-dir test
- test
- master
stage: deploy
- time mkdocs build
- time mv _site public
- time mkdocs build --site-dir public
- public
- master
## Welcome to your new Fab Academy site
- This website is built automatically by gitlab every time you edit the files in the docs folder
- It does so thanks to [Mkdocs]( a static site generator written in Python
- You must start customizing the file mkdocs.yml with your information
- You can change the looks of your website using mkdocs themes, you can find in the mkdocs.yml the names of the available themes
- If you want to start from scratch, you can delete everything in this repository and push any other static website
Visit []( for class and other information.
* This website is built and published automatically using [GitLab CI](, every time you edit the files in the docs folder
* The markdown content is generated into a site using the Mkdocs tool, a static site generator written in Python
* You can start by customizing the file `mkdocs.yml` with your information
* To change the looks of your website, use the theme options found in the `mkdocs.yml` file or see the names of the available themes
* If you want to start a website from scratch, you can delete everything in this repository and push your own static website
## Project layout
mkdocs.yml # The site configuration file.
docs/ # All site content/files should be in this folder. # The homepage.
files/ # Put files you'd like available in your site here (except videos)
images/ # You can put your images in here # Other markdown pages and folders
Read more about MkDocs at [](
## Building mkdocs locally
To work locally on your computer with this project, you can start with the following the steps:
> Remember to setup your SSH keys to work locally, see [GitLab Docs](
1. Clone or download this project on your computer
* Find the clone url at the top of your projects "overview" page
* Run `git clone`
1. [Install]( MkDocs on your computer
1. Preview your project: `mkdocs serve`, your site can be accessed under `localhost:8000`
1. To add new pages, create the markdown file in the `docs/` folder (i.e. `touch docs/`)
1. Push your changes to GitLab to automatically publish your changes
* `git commit -m "Updated site"`
* `git push master`
#### Git global setup
Do not forget to configure your local git environment, with same details used on Gitlab-Fabcloud.
git config "You Name"
git config ""
......@@ -59,3 +59,53 @@ void loop() {
on <a href="" target="_blank" style="font-weight: bold; color: #1CAAD9;">Sketchfab</a>
## Use HTML
You may also embed HTML in your markdown files
<hr />
Try having a seperator line
<hr />
<table border="1">
<th>First Name</th>
<th>Last Name</th>
<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 24 24"><path d="M12 3L1 9l11 6 9-4.91V17h2V9M5 13.18v4L12 21l7-3.82v-4L12 17l-7-3.82z"/></svg>
# Replace the text below to customize your site
site_name: Fab Academy Student Name
site_description: My Fabacademy site
site_name: Your name - Fab Academy
site_description: Fab Academy documentation site for Your Name
site_author: Your name
copyright: Copyright 2021 Your name - Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial
# For other social icons at
- icon: fontawesome/brands/instagram
- icon: fontawesome/brands/facebook
- icon: fontawesome/brands/twitter
- icon: fontawesome/brands/linkedin
link: ""
site_author: Your name here
docs_dir: docs
site_dir: _site
copyright: Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial
name: material
# see
primary: "deep"
accent: "indigo"
# try other colors
primary: deep
accent: indigo
# text: "Ubuntu"
# code: "Ubuntu Mono"
tabs: true
- type: "github"
link: ""
- type: "twitter"
link: ""
- type: "linkedin"
link: ""
- type: "instagram"
link: ""
# See available fonts at
text: Ubuntu
code: Ubuntu Mono
logo: material/school
favicon: images/favicon.svg
- navigation.tabs
- navigation.instant
- search
- git-revision-date-localized:
fallback_to_build_date: true
- extra
\ No newline at end of file
# Documentation static site generator
mkdocs >=1.1.2, ==1.1.*
mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin ~= 0.8.0
# Add your custom theme if not inside a theme_dir
# (
mkdocs-material ~= 6.2
Supports Markdown
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