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......@@ -91,6 +91,11 @@ To test for runout, we used the test indicator to determine how the angle of the
<b>Toolpaths</b>: The path/ directions a tool follows as it cuts through material to achieve a desired geometry of a shape.
To test our lab's shopbot, we used our lab's desktop max shopbot to run a few simple toolpaths. We designed the toolpaths in aspire, and cut out a square, circle, star, and a crescent shape out of wood. The shapes came out fairly well. Our toolpath ran 4 passes, which means that each pass it cut out 1/4 of the material. This is important becuase with materials as thick as 3/4" wood, cutting out too much material at once can damage the mill bits. With 4 passes, the machine cut out 1/4*3/4=~.19", which is safe for our bit.
Another important thing to add to toolpaths is a tab. This holds the material in place on the last path so that the material is not moving while a part is being cut out. We added 2 tabs for each part on opposite ends of the cut, and the material was held in place.
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