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# 7. Machine building - Pizza Pizza CNC
This group includes [Teddy Warner](, [Grant Fleischer](, [Graham Smith](, and [Charles De Mey](
This group includes [Teddy Warner](, [Graham Smith](, [Grant Fleischer](, and [Charles De Mey](
## Brainstorming
It actually took a a little while to decide what the focus of our project would be. We decided to make a pizza-making machine since almost everybody loves pizza. The basic idea is that we will have two tools, a sauce dispenser and a cheese dispenser. [Last year's group machine](( was similar with the technique they used to dispense the cupcake batter, but ours is more complex. This is becuase we incorporated tool changing as well (switiching between the sauce and cheese hoppers) which forced us to rethink how we were going to mount the different hoppers. For the movement of the gantry and hopper, we decided to build a standard CNC with an X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. The motors we used for each of these axis are stepper motors similar to the ones on 3D-printers. For opening and closing the hoppers to control whether the elements would go through, we used a small servo motor on each of the hoppers. We need to rotate the bottom cover very little, so this was the best solution. It is also easier to write programs for the servo motors than it is for the stepper motors so there was no reason not to use servos.
## Designing
## Building
We were a bit hindered in the building process since almost all of the important parts needed to build the machine had to bought and then shipped. Before we purchased anything, we wanted to be extremely sure that we did not forget any necessary parts, so we ended up only ordering all of the parts on Thursday, April 1^st^. All the purchased parts only arrived to our Fab Lab on Monday, April 5^th^. Although we had planned how we were going to build the machine and we had a clear idea of the steps of the assembly, it was
## Testing
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