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# Linear Axis
This repo contains the documentation of the research on the [Urumbu machines axis]( during FabLab Instructors bootcamp in FabLab Oulu 2022.
During the bootcamp we reasearched in produce fabbable modules made out in two different techniques: CO2 lasercutter and 3d printer FDM.
We produced a one axis sample made out of MDF 6mm
and tested the movement of the wheel is Acrylic 8mm adapting the internal channel width.
During the last days of the bootcamp we also tested to build a Core XY version with enhanced rigidy, but still to test durability.
Detail of the wheel sitting on the U channel.
For driving the machines we worked with the usb urumbu control boards produced during the bootcamp.
You can find the working file (a bit messy) and the lasercutted files used for both the
- [One axis] (UrumbuOneAxisLaser6mmMDF)
- [CoreXy Version](UrumbuCoreXYLaser6mmMDF)
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