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- Import the file with body (stl)
- (Command) Mesh box : put the box where you want to delete the volume on the body
- (Command) Mesh booleen difference : select volumes body and box. Enter
Another command that could be useful : (command) Cap : to make a volume watertight.
When I obtained the right shape, I used Slicer for Fusion 360 to cut the face mask. You can cut it in different ways (waffle structure, stack slices, vacuum formed, cnc milled, 3D printing, flat pack mannequin). I chose to cut it in stacked slices as you can see on the gif which shows the assembly steps. You have to clarify the manufacturing setting (mine was Height 280.00 / Length 730.00 and Thickness 2.00 millimeters) so that the mask pieces are arranged on a surface with the right size for laser cutting. As you can see I obtained 7 sheets but I used Illustrator to make it 5 and avoid too many leftovers. I also removed the hole of the mouth and sized down the numbers written on the pieces (didn't remove them because I neeeded them to assembly the whole object).
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