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## Materials
# Agar agar bioplastic
- Glycerin 11 gr.
- Agar Agar 4 gr.
- Water 80 ml.
Heat the water and dissolve the agar and glycerine before putting the mixture on the cooker. prepare the mould (initially I used the plexiglass one but since during drying the bioplastic had many cracks I discovered that spreading it in a tissue accompanied the meteria in its shrinkage avoiding cracks).
Mix the ingredients together until they reach a consistency reminiscent of honey at 80 °C. Pour the mixture into the desired mould and after drying try to remove the metal from the fabric as if it were a sticker.
# Alginate bioplastic
- Alginate 12 gr.
- Glycerin 50 gr
- Water 200 ml.
Pour the water and glycerine into a cylindrical container, then the alginate. Now blend the mixture in a blender to obtain a dense, smooth and homogeneous material.
## Gallery
## Video
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