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## Research
**Measuring Copper Wire**
50cm - Ohms
**Measuring Resistance and Conductivity of Copper Wire**
1. Sanding with sandpapers is needed to take off the coating of the copper wire
2. Continuity measured to check if the coating is off, if there is sound, the coating is off, if not, sand it better.
3. 50cm - 0.4 Ohm 0.5m = 0.4ohm
How many me0.4
8 ohm x 0,5 m : 0,4ohm = **10m**
10 Meter = 10000 Millimeter
Hoop size:
Rectangle made on Rhino and
- Put the outer end of the line to face outwards
- Change hoop rectangle layer color to red
- Export selected as Illustrator file -> "Preserve mode scale" size: mm
The fabric used should
- moves
- waterresistant
- flexible
- lightweight
For example - parachute fabric
## Useful links
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