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......@@ -618,6 +618,12 @@ the pcb is carefully removed from the clap and used hot air reflow methord to so
<img class="zoomD" src="../../images/wildcard/photo1656390340 (1).jpeg" alt="saftyshe" style="width:100%;">
<img class="zoomD" src="../../images/omax-2626-removebg-preview.png" alt="schem.jpg.jpg" style="width:100%;">
Mechatronika’s M10V Pick and Place System is a versatile automatic machine for placing SMD components from 0201 to 40 x 40 mm with a full vision, touchless component centering.Matured, high quality rigid construction, ease of programming make M10V perfectly suited for small scale production lines and prototyping.
M10V combines mechanical accuracy with high quality pattern recognition system built into easy to use and powerful programming software. M10V excelles in productivity and flexibility, quick change-over and low maintenance requirements.
The very unique feature of M10V is its ability to pickup bulk (loose) components from container-type feeders. M10V built-in intelligent vision system enables to locate required component, pick it up, determine its position on the nozzle head and precisely place it on preprogrammed position. M10V accepts any number of bulk component feeders that can fit within its working space.M10V can be equipped with with the optional glue / solder paste dispensing head
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