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......@@ -230,4 +230,17 @@ Exported as STLs, here are the files:
| [Rear mount Back](../files/final/RearmountBack.stl) |
| [Fusion360 project file](../files/final/RearMount.f3d) |
TODO: Print and show picture of mount
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TODO: Print and show picture of mount
### Plate mount
Next I designed this piece. It's a fitting piece for the rear and front mounts, requiring a 6mm bolt to adjust the angle and tighten. A 50x10mm rectangular shape is cut into each backplate, along with 4 6mm bolt holes. The pieces then slide through the rect and is secured.
<figure markdown>
![Plate mount](../images/final/plateMount.jpg)
<figcaption>Plate mount</figcaption>
TODO: Print and show picture of plate mount
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