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My current thinking is that I have multiple boards, each with their specific purpose. Such as a screen board, a microphone board, a led and button board, etc. Each of them communicate through a protocol such as I2C or Serial.
I'm hoping to get a clearer idea of this during the networking and communcations week.
I'm hoping to get a clearer idea of this during the networking and communications week.
### Design considerations
......@@ -373,3 +373,33 @@ Finally, mounting in the vehicle!
## The boards
Quick overview of the electronic boards I made:
### Control board
Handles the logic and syncs the LED statuses between button boards.
### Button board
Takes input from user and turn LEDs on and off according the commands from the control board.
### Power supply board
A simple USB connector with a 5V 1A regulator that supplies the boards. Should handle plenty of additional items.
### Jack board
Mini jack connector is used to handle communications between the two units.
## KiCad files
Below are the KiCad projects I created for the boards.
| Board |
| --- |
| [Control board (parental)](../files/final/control-board.rar) |
| [Button board](../files/final/button-board.rar) |
| [Power supply board](../files/final/psu.rar) |
| [Jack board](../files/final/JackBoard.rar) |
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