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## Time spent on final project
I must admit, I did not keep a perfect timelog of the time I spent on the final project. But I can tell you this, it will take all the time you give it and will easily double that!
But to at least give a estimate of the ratios of how the time was spent:
40% Planning
40% Designing
10% producing (milling, soldering, cutting...)
10% Debugging, troubleshooting, optimizing
In these ratios I do not factor in sleepless nights and mental load outside of the actual office/lab!
Previously I've learned the importance of planning. Programming a function takes hardly no time at all, if you have already planned on what it should do, how, why, when and what for. This applies to all designs. This fact worked in my favour, I'm happy to report that most of the time, my designs at least kind of work OK, minimizing horrible late realizations of errors.
If you are a current student reading this, good luck and have fun! It's a project, it's not the single solution to all of the worlds problems, that comes later! ;)
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