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| [Video](../presentation.mp4) |
## Dissemination plan
In this time and space, this project is intend for my own use. This does not mean that I have forsaken it and I might develope it, or a variant of it, further.
As stated above, I consider all items regarding this project open to any to what they will with it.
This site will be archived within Fab Academy and all are welcome to use it how they like. A shout-out in the form of a link or something would be cool though.
## Further development
I might add features and improvements to this project, if time and fortune allow.
Possible future addons:
- Wireless communications between devices, such as bluetooth or wifi
- Battery and charging to mitigate accidental power-outages (having to use the 12v plug, stalling the engine, pulling of the cord)
- More interactive stuff, such as:
- OBD monitoring (RPM, gear, engine load, fuel)
- GPS position
- Directional info [N,S,E,W]
- And so on...!
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