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## Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered, answering:
- What will it do?
- TODO: Answer
- Provide entertainment to young'uns, and adults, during long drives!
- Who's done what beforehand?
- Some years ago a company called Apple released products what they called "iPod" and "iPhone". But the price paid for them was too high, both in terms of dollars and on-the-road fortitude of families.
- What will you design?
- I'll design and produce two interconnected modules, capapble of proviting some level of entertainment to the users. One is inteded to be mounted in the front passanger componet of a car, and the other is intended to be mounted in the rear seat of the car.
- I'll make the electronic components needed, the mounts, the casings and program the modules.
- What materials and components will be used?
- I plan on 3D printing parts such as the mounts, lasercutting the casings and milling the pcb boards.
- Where will come from?
- Most, if not all of the parts, will be sourced in the FabLab. If needed, I might buy nicer buttons or other components.
- How much will they cost?
- What parts and systems will be made?
- What processes will be used?
- What questions need to be answered?
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