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This is is kind of a build log, written in different times during the class. It may contain invalid information regarding the final outcome.
## Inspiration
## Project plan
At the beginning, I found the idea of using the weekly assignments to build parts for the final project to be really attractive. I made sure to catch as many of Neil's live lectures as possible, as also the recitations. Each week my instructor and I would speak, plan and go over the status.
In reality, I did not find it completely possible to use each week to build directly towards towards, though each week added to the much needed skills. Important weeks were the cnc milling, electronic design and production along with embedded programming. These produced boards that functioned as a base for my project.
Early meetings and discussions with my instructor made the idea of the final project rather clear from the start although I kind of waited until after networking and communications week to properly implement the solution.
So in hindsight, the planning was perfect as these step show:
1. First weeks of Academy, get acquainted with the Fab Academy and settle into my own workflow.
2. Decide on the final project (documented below)
3. Study the Academy, gather knowledge to work with confidence.
4. Finish the project in time for summer road trips!
## Inspiration of final project
From an early age, a couple of my main interests have been computers and cars. Now that I have a family too, which takes precedence over most hobbies, I must find creative ways to mix hobbies and interests with my family.
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