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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ This weeks offical missions are:
- [x] Compare the performance and development workflows for other architectures
- [x] Read the datasheet for your microcontroller
- [ ] Use your programmer to program your board to do something
- [x] Use your programmer to program your board to do something
## The current status and plan
......@@ -265,4 +265,53 @@ I find the environment within VSCode to be much nicer to work with than Arduino
I have grabbed and skimmed the datasheets.
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## Important update!
Very nice! After finishing the final project recharging my mojo a bit, I made another attempt at the [UPDI-programmer](, which proved successful.
<figure markdown>
![FAB LAB ÍSAFJÖRÐUR](../images/week09/djoddi01.jpg)
<figcaption>FAB LAB ÍSAFJÖRÐUR</figcaption>
Yet again, I'm at Ísafjörður and met up with my instructor Doddi, but I actually met his alter-ego the uber-impressive [DJODDI](
<figure markdown>
![DJODDI in the flesh](../images/week09/djoddi02.jpg)
<figcaption>DJODDI in the flesh</figcaption>
For this attempt, I used the fancy boards I had made in a [board house](
<figure markdown>
![Fancy board + components](../images/week09/djoddi03.jpg)
<figcaption>Fancy board + components</figcaption>
Pictured are the fancy board, my old output board and the components needed for UPDI programmer.
| Component | Pcs |
| --- | --- |
| D11C | 1 |
| 4.99k R | 2 |
| 0.1uF C | 1 |
| 3.3v 0.1a regulator | 1 |
| 2x2 pin header | 1 |
| 2x3 pin header | 1 |
<figure markdown>
![After soldering](../images/week09/djoddi04.jpg)
<figcaption>After soldering</figcaption>
Looking nice! Pictured below, is a SWD programmer to use with it.
<figure markdown>
![Fresh fresh!](../images/week09/djoddi05.jpg)
<figcaption>Fresh fresh!</figcaption>
Following the same steps as before, but maybe with more confidence, experience, luck and a much cooler looking board it was a success! I manage to flash my UPDI based output board!
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