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......@@ -263,3 +263,35 @@ After the printing finished, I cut a piece of scrap MDF to create a realistic se
Nice! It's just missing the 4 bolts to hold the backplate.
## Boards
<figure markdown>
![Milling a board](../images/final/board01.jpg)
<figcaption>Milling a board</figcaption>
<figure markdown>
![Soldering a board](../images/final/board00.jpg)
<figcaption>Soldering a board</figcaption>
<figure markdown>
![Something works!](../images/final/board02.jpg)
<figcaption>Something works!</figcaption>
<figure markdown>
<figure markdown>
![I2C Working](../images/final/board04.jpg)
<figcaption>I2C Working</figcaption>
Controlling LED status with I2C:
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