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# Final project - presentation
Here is my presentation for the final project. Below is
<figure markdown>
This is the final outcome of my time in the Fab Academy. Thank you for visiting.
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# Final Project
This is is kind of a build log, written in different times during the class. It may contain invalid information regarding the final outcome.
## Inspiration
From an early age, a couple of my main interests have been computers and cars. Now that I have a family too, which takes precedence over most hobbies, I must find creative ways to mix hobbies and interests with my family.
......@@ -36,10 +38,6 @@ Right now the exact inputs/outputs are not decided but current ideas include:
* Play game with co-driver (if possible)
* Shared control over some led/items via communication
## Details
This is a work in progress!
### Parental unit
The parental unit is to mounted on the dash, in reach for both driver and co-driver.
......@@ -74,7 +72,6 @@ It must not have extremely hard/sharp components on the outside or cause immedia
- ???
- profit!
#### Components
| Component | Description |
| --- | --- |
......@@ -194,9 +191,24 @@ Tapping the mount:
### Front mount V2.0
Right before the final presentation, I realized the limitation of my I<sup>2<sup>C setup, which handled the communications between all boards. I had to shorten the distance between the parental and child units, so I made a new mount which sits in the middle console.
<figure markdown>
![Cupholder mount](../images/final/cup.jpg)
<figcaption>Cup holder mount</figcaption>
| Fusion file |
| --- |
| [Cupholder mount](../files/final/CupMount.f3d)
It sits quite well and fits the same mounts I had already made.
### Rear mount
Next up, the rear mount! I grabbed the main measurments of the headreast axles.
Next up, the rear mount! I grabbed the main measurements of the headrest axles.
<figure markdown>
![Mounting location](../images/final/backseat.jpg)
......@@ -268,6 +280,8 @@ Nice! It's just missing the 4 bolts to hold the backplate.
## Boards
Next up is to make the boards I need for the minimum viable product, controlling for out-of-control-spiral-action before for the big presentation day!
<figure markdown>
![Milling a board](../images/final/board01.jpg)
<figcaption>Milling a board</figcaption>
......@@ -297,3 +311,65 @@ Controlling LED status with I2C:
### Packaging
Once I got the stuff actually working, it was time to package them!
Using KiCad to get the outlines of the boards into Fusion, creating a backplate, a plexiglass middle layer and cover was a nice process! Also using fusion, all items were combined to a single project to get the final "exploded" view used in the [presentation](../final-project-presentation/
<figure markdown>
![Exploded view](../images/final/exploded.jpg)
<figcaption>Exploded view</figcaption>
| File |
| --- |
| [Combined Fusion project](../files/final/combined.f3z) |
<figure markdown>
<figcaption>Parent back-board</figcaption>
<figure markdown>
<figcaption>Child back-board</figcaption>
And before milling, the simulation
<figure markdown>
<figcaption>Tool path</figcaption>
And the milling:
<figure markdown>
![Back plate milling](../images/final/milling.jpg)
<figcaption>Back plate milling</figcaption>
Took a bit of adjusting but finally all fit well!
<figure markdown>
## Mounting
Finally, mounting in the vehicle!
<figure markdown>
![At the front](../images/final/mountedFront.jpg)
<figcaption>At the front</figcaption>
<figure markdown>
![and the back](../images/final/mountedBack.jpg)
<figcaption>and the back</figcaption>
......@@ -6,4 +6,4 @@ Hi there and welcome to my new digital home!
I'll be maintaining this site over the next few months while I attend Fab Academy.
Make sure to check out the [about](./about/ section before looking into the my [assignments](./assignments/ and [final project](./final-project/ sections.
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Make sure to check out the [about](./about/ section before looking into the my [assignments](./assignments/, [final project](./final-project/ and [final project presentation](./final-project-presentation/ sections.
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