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Greetings Everybody, I am Kencho Wangdi.I am currently working as a Bio-Fablab Engineer at College Of Natural Resources (CNR), Punakha, Bhutan.If you are interested to know more about the fablab located at college of nautral resources do click onto this [link]()
Greetings Everybody, I am Kencho Wangdi. I am currently working as a Bio-Fablab Engineer at College Of Natural Resources (CNR), Punakha, Bhutan.
To explore more about the college of natural resources, click [here](
Visit this website to see my work!

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# Home
## Hello Everybody!!
## **HELLO**
I am Kencho Wangdi, you can call me Kencho.
## Welcome To My Fab Academy website.
## I Welcome You All To My Fab Academy site.
Favourite sport: Archery.
I 'm Kencho Wangdi, you can call me Kencho. I did my Bacholer in Biotechnology in 2018 from JayPee University of Information Technology, H.P, INDIA.
Currentlty I am working as Bio-Fablab Engineer at College of Natural Resources, Punakha, BHUTAN.
## ***My Motivation to Take FABACADEMY.***
By nature I like to innovate and design things that can help to reboot our local economy. After my graduation I spent almost 3 years looking for a right platform to start my entrepreneurial journey. I finally found it when I joined CNR as Biofab engineer. I found a place where I can execute my ideas into reality. We couldn't setup our fablab because of covid situation and it took almost a year for our lab machines to reach our country. Meanwhile, I attended Fabacademy course which is popularly known as HTGAA, how to grow (almost) everything. I am not a student of HTGAA but I did participate as a guest student. It was during that course I was introduced to HTMAA, how to make(almost) anything. At that moment I realized that these were the courses that I was looking for a long time.
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