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......@@ -149,7 +149,8 @@ You just need to edit the program as per your led pinout. For me, my LED is conn
## Video Stream of the LED's Flashing after programming the ATtiny44:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
## Learning outcomes
- Learnt how to design PCB board using Eagle software
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Group Assignment:
- Design a machine that includes mechanism+actuation+automation+application
- Build the mechanical parts and operate it manually
For the Group Assignment refer [this](./
For the Group Assignment refer [this link](./
Individual Assignment:
- Document the group project and your individual contribution.
......@@ -44,8 +44,13 @@ specific materials.
To operate zund, first I have to prepare a design. For that I used Fusion 360 to create a Design.
## Transfering Data to the computer
......@@ -113,6 +118,8 @@ video
Unfortunately I counln't cut my second design.
## Learning Outcome
This week I have learnt a new machine which is usually not available in standard lab.
......@@ -131,4 +138,3 @@ Download all the original files from here.
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