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# 13. Applications and implications
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For this week I have to know more about my Final project and it's application by answering the following questions.
**Individual Assignment:**
- Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered, answering:
a. What will it do?
b. Who’s done what beforehand?
c. What will you design?
d. What materials and components will be used?
e. Where will come from?
f. How much will they cost?
g. What parts and systems will be made?
h. What processes will be used?
i. What questions need to be answered?
j. How will it be evaluated?
- Your project should incorporate:
a. 2D and 3D design,additive and subtractive fabrication processes,
b. Electronics design and production,
c. Embedded microcontroller interfacing and programming,system integration and packaging
- Where possible, you should make rather than buy the parts of your project
- Projects can be separate or joint, but need to show individual mastery of the skills, and be independently operable.
## What will it do?
In Bhutan, agriculture sector plays vital role in country's economy. Traditionally agriculture is the sole contributor to the country's economy. Now the agriculture sector provides only 19.23% of country's GDP, although more than 60% of the population are farmers. There is only 2.14 % arable land and most of the educated individual prefer working either in government or private sectors in urban areas to farming.
To encourage farming, going digital is one way to attract youths in farming sector. Therefore, for my Final Project I decided to automize greenhouse where I can integrate technology with farming. Once the project is completed I am going to take this project as a part of **Golden Village Project(GVP)**, a new generation model farming startup in one of the countryside in Bhutan.
The project will help the limited human resource in villages to maximize their crop productivity and revenue generation.
It will also encourage Bhutanese youth in Farming.
## Who’s done what beforehand?
There are lots of such projects used in various sectors. Some of them are:
- In one part of India, the farmers grew Israeli tomato which requires warm and fairly dry weather during rainny season by using smart greenhouse. [link](
- The Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR) of Ladakh, India have used smart solar greenhouse to grow vegetables for the farmers throughout the year. Ladakh sits at the elevation of 4100 meters above sea level and during the winter the tempearture hits as low as -30°C. [link](
- ![search](../images/application/winter.jpg)
- A Japanese team did a interesting pilot project using Thing+ IOT smart greenhouse.
- ![search](../images/application/japanese.jpeg)
## What will you design?
Design I will be using in my final project are:
1. Microcontroller Design
For the Auto Grow project I have to design a PCB board to store data, read the input and control the output devices.
2. 3D Design
-The greenhouse structure was designed using fusion 360 CAD software and was cut using shopbot.
- The Distribution board design was designed using fusion and cut using laser cutter.
- The microcontroller and relay case was designed and it's 3D printed using prusa printer.
## What materials and components will be used?
## Material used and their price
| |Description | Qty | Price | Total|
--- | --- | ---| ---| ---|
|2|DC Pump|1|450|450|
|Total| ||Nu.3789 |USD$48 |
## Where will come from?
Most of the components required were bought by our instructor from India or Japan. Components required for the fabrication of the PCB board like voltage reguulator, Resistors and Capacitors, LEDs are available in the lab. I have made use of these components in the board design.
## How much will they cost?
The total cost comes around $50 excluding the components available in the lab.
The detail about components and their price are given below.
| |Description | Qty | Price | Total|
--- | --- | ---| ---| ---|
|2|DC Pump|1|450|450|
|Total| ||Nu.3789 |USD$48 |
## What parts and systems will be made?
The parts and system I am making are:
- Temperature and Humidity control circuit board.
- skeleton of the greenhouse
- Case for the circuit board.
- The distribution box.
## What processes will be used?
- PCB Miling: for fabricating the main microcontroller
- 3D printing: for casing the microcontroller board.
- Laser-cutting: for distribution box.
- Shob bot: skeleton of the greenhouse.
## What questions need to be answered?
Q1. Why you have choosen this project? or what is the motivation behind this project?
- The drive behind this project is my village. My village people do not have a particular cash crop. They only grow some cerals like wheat and barley and most of the vegetables are purchased from market. The climate is harsh and we have short lived summer. For that reason I have choosen Auto Grow greenhouse.
- The next motivation is I wanted to encourage my youth friends to do agriculture in modern style with less effort and more productivity. So that we will have a balance population in both rural and urban community.
Q2.How Applicable is your project in daily life?
- This project can be applied in both agricultural and non agricultural sector. In agricultural sector we can grow our own food even in a limited space throughout the year without any conditins.
- In non-agricultural sector we can use it as storage to store any products or goods for longer period. We can even use it as incubator.
Q3. What are the advantages of the project to your community?
- The main advantage of the project is it will cut down the operating and labor cost. When we can cut down the working capital, penetrating the market is very easy.
- We can grow our fresh food without depending on any seasonal barrier.
- It will help to generate community revenue which will indirectly or directly help in uplimiting country's economy and reduction of rural poverty.
Q4. what are the future scope your project?
- The future scope of the project is limitless in Bhutan because for the urban people they can grow their vegetables in a limited space.
- For the business people they can generate more revenue with less operating cost and high yield. They can easily penetrate market and compete with Indian products with less price.
- Even the highlanders can grow fresh vegetables with any hurdles.
## How will it be evaluated?
The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to evaluation are:
- Documentation: The project should be documented in detail with video and heroshot images.
- should incorporate 2D and 3D design,additive and subtractive fabrication processes, Electronics design and production, Embedded microcontroller interfacing and programming,system integration and packaging
- The project should funtion properly.
- We should make rather than buy the parts of our project from market.
- The cost should be minimum and affordable.
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