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# 20. Project development
## Assignment:
Complete your final project, tracking your progress:
- What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
- What's working? what's not?
- What questions need to be resolved?
- What will happen when?
- What have you learned?
## What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
## Tasks completed.
- I have completed the designed and milling of board i.e ESP32 microcontroller board for project it is completed.
- Created a thingspeak IOT plateform account and connected it with the wifi.
- Then I have completed the CAD modelling and the structure of the final project using Fusion360 software.
- CNC cutting of board for the greenhouse structure.
- I have finished assembling the structure of the greenhouse.
- I have finished the programming and test ran all the outputs.
- I have finished all the circuit connection and tested the controls with relay.
- I have designed the logo for the project.
## What tasks remained?
- The microcontroller of the humidifier got burned while I was trying to reprogramme the already programmed humidifier. For that I have to make afountain to create mist to maintain the humidity inside greenhouse.
- I have to design a case for the microcontroller and relay switch and print them using 3D printer.
- I have to design a box and laser cut to keep all powersupply microcontroller board and fix it outside the structure.
- I have to vinyl cut the logo for the project
- I have to wrape the greenhouse structure with polyethylene plastic.
## What's working? what's not?
- Esp32 microcontroller board worked properly.
- Programming worked well with all inputs and outputs.
- Thingspeak read all my data sent by the sensor well
- CNC cutting parts came out well
- Oled is displaying the output reading well.
## Not working
- Humidifier didn't work well and I have to make a fountain and test whether it is maintaing the humidity inside greenhouse.
- Other than the humidifier everything worked successfully.
## What questions need to be resolved?
- If possible I have to fix the microcontroller of the humidifier, otherwise I have to make use of the DC pump.
## What will happen when?
Almost everything happened as per the plan till date. Now for these two weeks these are my plans:
- FIRST WEEK: Fountain Making, Logo Printing, Wrapping the greenhouse with plastics, Microcontroller case designing and printing, Distribution board desining and printing.
- SECOND WEEK: Do all th wiring inside the greenhouse, rerun the code once and check all the outputs whether thay are functioning well or not. Make one minute video presentation and a poster.
- 13th June: Present to Fabacademy community. If there are any recommendations make th changes and push everything to the website before 29/06/2022.
## What have you learned?
I have never thought that learning something new could be that exciting and joyful.But Fabacademy taught me learning something new can actually be a joyous and powerful thing and it can really change how one can see the world.
Everything I have learnt starting from basics to this far, is all beacuse of fabacademy.
If I note down few things that I learnt while doing this project are:
- I have understood designing PCB using bothe EAGLE and KICAD, milling and stuffing of ESP32 Microcontroller Board using SRM-20 machine.
- I have learnt how to program microcontrollers with arduino IDE.
- I have learnt how to do CAD desingn for 3D printer, shopbot and laser cutter.
- I have learnt abot different sensors and interfacing.
- I have learnt the importance of documentation and how to keep track of what we do in aday.
- I have learnt Communication and interfacing of esp boards.
- I have learnt how use IOT plateform to aggregate, visualize, and analyze data.
Thank You
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