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......@@ -163,11 +163,11 @@ Complete circuit connection between controller board and rely.
In this image I have used white and grey jumper wire for Vcc and Gnd. to clear the confusion white one is Vcc and the grey one is Gnd. Others all are same as in the above circuit diagram.
Relay to the output connection
## Creating Thingspeak Account
......@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ Once the channel is created insert the channel Id and API keys in your code and
## Making of a fountain to balance the humidity.
For the humidity I made a fountain using the bamboo cane. I used table saw to cut the bamboo as per my design.
Final product
......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ I use 12V submersible DC pump for the fountain.
**Testing of the 12V DC pump**
## Making distribution box and microcontroller case
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