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......@@ -73,9 +73,39 @@ Ater the designing work is done, now the the file is exported in SVG format.
To generate a RML file, we need the traces and edge cut files in PNG. Therefore we will be using the InkScape software to generate a png file from the svg format.
The image below shows the process to use inkscape to convert svg file to png.
The process is in this way:
1. Select the traces or edges from the imported svg file.
2. Go to document properties and click on resize page to drawing or selection.
3. Set the background file white.
4. Export the image with pixel at 1000 dpi.
The png files are:
**Edge Cut PNG**
**Front Traces**
## RML file.
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And then using the mit mod. Similar to the previous way like from electronic production. Always take note of.
1. Invert the image so that the traces are of white color.
2. Select 1/64 for the traces and 1/32 for the edge cut.
3. Set the origin to x = 0, y = 0, z = 0.
4. And add the save module.
With this steps and the png files, we were able to generate the rml file.
## Milling the board.
......@@ -150,4 +180,5 @@ And the video below shows the code execution with the adafruit soft servo librar
- [SoftwareServo Library](../files/output/
- [Adafruit_SoftServo Library](../files/output/
- [Manipulated Trinket Knob Code](../files/output/
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- [Edge Cut Png](../images/output/edge_cut.png)
- [Front Traces](../images/output/front_trace.png)
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