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......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ But the laser was not able to completly cut the ply, hence this same job was rep
Using a drill, I extended the holes and made it fitting for the roof to go in. The final model is shown below.
## Files.
......@@ -4,6 +4,22 @@ This week on fabacademy, its about the embedded programming. With Lockdown and c
## Task: Embedded Programming
- Group assignment:
Compare the performance and development workflows for other architectures
Document your work to the group work page and reflect on your individual page what you learned
- Individual assignment:
Read the datasheet for your microcontroller
Use your programmer to program your board to do something
## Group Assignment.
The group assignment can be found [here](
## Week Assignment.
For this week, one of the assignment was to read the datasheet of my microcontrollor. Therefore I selected the read the datasheet for [ATtiny 44](
......@@ -8,10 +8,27 @@ This week was all about molding and casting. I learned alot with the process. In
For the design, I used the fusion 360 to design my model. The image below is shows the 3D design model.
First I took the measurement of the wax block so that there is enought space for my design and wall to hold on the wax.
The screenshot below shows the parameters defined for the design.
**image of parameter**
The model is an extrude of dzongkha work. The word is Jurmey and its a gift to one of my friend who has been helping me in school during the fabacademy course.
**video of the design**
## Necessary setup and learning.
Before we go on with engraving using the SRM20. First Takesan demonstrated with his design and he went through all the processes. From generating a g-code file to creating mold and cast.
We were introduced to the modela player and the process of creating the roughing and finishing file. T
Finally the file is exported in stl format to generate the g-code (.prn file) for the machine.
## Modela Player.
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