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......@@ -103,10 +103,38 @@ And Finally almost after a month, I was able to come back to the lab. The lab pr
The material is mounted on the CNC bed
And holes are made on the board by following the process.
- First click the drill toolpath
- Then set the cut depth, start depth based on the thickness of the board and size of drill bit.
- Then locate the drilling place and then drill it.
The machine software used to controll the shopbot is called Vcarve. The process to process the file for shopbot is
- First create new file and on your left hand side and add the basic job setup.
- Next step is to import the DXT file to create a layout for the boad cutting.
- Then creat a toolpath. Set the cut depth and creating profile.
- Then creat a toolpath. Set the cut depth, start depth, tool and create profile. And other option like speed and stepovers can be set here to.
- Remember to add tap to avoid flying wood block.
Finally press calculate. Save the the shopbot software.
From here we can set the origin and maintain the coordinate.
Next after setting up the origin. Add the saved tool path file and start the shopbot.
The video embedded below provides a very good brief introduction on using Vcrave.
......@@ -200,4 +228,5 @@ Using a drill, I extended the holes and made it fitting for the roof to go in. T
- [stl file of the model](../files/computer_controlled_machining/my_shelf.stl)
- [DXF files](../files/computer_controlled_machining/
- [Scanned Files](../files/3D_printing_and_scanning/
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