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# Top 50 Students Repository size - all branches
**Last updated:** 2021/03/03
**Last updated:** 2021/04/28
1.|[Oleksandr Romanko]( ([repo](|180 MB|
1.|[Oleksandr Romanko]( ([repo](|403 MB|
2.|[Anton Pchelkin]( ([repo](|177 MB|2019
3.|[Pavel Bilenko]( ([repo](|169 MB|2019
4.|[Javier Martínez Gaxiola]( ([repo](|157 MB|2020
5.|[Narek Mkrtumyan]( ([repo](|94 MB|
6.|[Katie Isard]( ([repo](|88 MB|
7.|[Dominique Savio Uwayezu]( ([repo](|87 MB|2020
8.|[Rushil Bhatia]( ([repo](|81 MB|
9.|[Ambroise de Vries]( ([repo](|81 MB|2020
10.|[Tiago Fernandes]( ([repo](|73 MB|2020
11.|[Jonny Timms]( ([repo](|69 MB|
12.|[Zaid Marji]( ([repo](|68 MB|
13.|[Mayra Suggey Ascencio Calderón]( ([repo](|67 MB|
14.|[Man Yuen CHEUNG]( ([repo](|66 MB|
15.|[Jacob Libby]( ([repo](|64 MB|
16.|[Marc Garcia Ruiz]( ([repo](|63 MB|
17.|[Pavan Mahadeo Kuchar]( ([repo](|63 MB|
18.|[Nil Peguero Martínez]( ([repo](|58 MB|
19.|[Kyle-Pierre Nfr]( ([repo](|56 MB|2020
20.|[Jonah Marrs]( ([repo](|53 MB|
21.|[Jim Hart]( ([repo](|52 MB|2020
22.|[Chun Kit Leung]( ([repo](|52 MB|
23.|[Alfia M]( ([repo](|51 MB|
24.|[Kenichi Komatsu]( ([repo](|51 MB|
25.|[Valens Muhayimana]( ([repo](|50 MB|2020
26.|[Nadieh Bremer]( ([repo](|50 MB|
27.|[Adrien Laveau]( ([repo](|47 MB|
28.|[Georg Tremmel]( ([repo](|46 MB|
29.|[Loes Schakenbos]( ([repo](|46 MB|
30.|[Walter Lennigan]( ([repo](|43 MB|2020
31.|[Cicely Hassell]( ([repo](|40 MB|
32.|[Daniil Koshelyuk]( ([repo](|37 MB|2020
33.|[Vijay Karale]( ([repo](|37 MB|
34.|[Cesar Valdivia]( ([repo](|36 MB|2020
35.|[Mahmoud Abo Elnaga]( ([repo](|36 MB|
36.|[Kevin Elkhoury]( ([repo](|36 MB|
37.|[Camilo Ortiz]( ([repo](|36 MB|
38.|[Ozgur Tuna Ozturk]( ([repo](|35 MB|
39.|[Kitija Kuduma]( ([repo](|34 MB|
40.|[Nicole Bakker]( ([repo](|34 MB|
41.|[Lana Sattelmaier]( ([repo](|34 MB|
42.|[Hayashi Mateo Nuñez]( ([repo](|34 MB|
43.|[Khulood AlZaabi]( ([repo](|34 MB|
44.|[Emma Yount]( ([repo](|33 MB|
45.|[Alberto González Espinosa]( ([repo](|33 MB|
46.|[Vijay Chandra Prasad Pidikiti]( ([repo](|32 MB|2020
47.|[Marius Araujo]( ([repo](|32 MB|2020
48.|[Miller Workman]( ([repo](|32 MB|
49.|[Mansoor Ahmed Soomro]( ([repo](|31 MB|2020
50.|[Suet Yee Yeung]( ([repo](|31 MB|
4.|[Javier Martínez Gaxiola]( ([repo](|167 MB|2020
5.|[Katie Isard]( ([repo](|161 MB|
6.|[Rushil Bhatia]( ([repo](|160 MB|
7.|[Loes Schakenbos]( ([repo](|144 MB|
8.|[Adrien Laveau]( ([repo](|143 MB|
9.|[Nicole Bakker]( ([repo](|127 MB|
10.|[Ambroise de Vries]( ([repo](|126 MB|2020
11.|[Nadieh Bremer]( ([repo](|120 MB|
12.|[Nil Peguero Martínez]( ([repo](|111 MB|
13.|[Man Yuen CHEUNG]( ([repo](|107 MB|
14.|[Jonny Timms]( ([repo](|106 MB|
15.|[Jacob Libby]( ([repo](|105 MB|
16.|[Douwe Schmidt]( ([repo](|102 MB|
17.|[Narek Mkrtumyan]( ([repo](|99 MB|
18.|[Mayra Suggey Ascencio Calderón]( ([repo](|95 MB|
19.|[Yazan Issam Yousef AbuDabasah Yazan]( ([repo](|94 MB|
20.|[Dominique Savio Uwayezu]( ([repo](|90 MB|2020
21.|[Kenichi Komatsu]( ([repo](|90 MB|
22.|[Alfia M]( ([repo](|89 MB|
23.|[Xiaolin (Linda) Zhen]( ([repo](|87 MB|
24.|[Philip Hozier]( ([repo](|86 MB|
25.|[Cesar Valdivia]( ([repo](|85 MB|2020
26.|[Kyle-Pierre Nfr]( ([repo](|85 MB|2020
27.|[Abdelfattah Alwerfalli]( ([repo](|83 MB|
28.|[Cicely Hassell]( ([repo](|82 MB|
29.|[Tiago Fernandes]( ([repo](|79 MB|2020
30.|[Emma Yount]( ([repo](|78 MB|
31.|[Khurram halari Khurram]( ([repo](|77 MB|
32.|[Chun Kit Leung]( ([repo](|77 MB|
33.|[Mohammed Noor]( ([repo](|75 MB|
34.|[Mansoor Ahmed Soomro]( ([repo](|75 MB|2020
35.|[Jeffery Naranjo]( ([repo](|74 MB|
36.|[John Proctor]( ([repo](|72 MB|
37.|[Walter Lenigan]( ([repo](|72 MB|2020
38.|[Daniela Felix Narvaez]( ([repo](|72 MB|
39.|[Jonathan Chery]( ([repo](|71 MB|
40.|[Pavan Mahadeo Kuchar]( ([repo](|70 MB|
41.|[Paul Cairns]( ([repo](|70 MB|
42.|[Jonah Marrs]( ([repo](|68 MB|
43.|[Marc Garcia Ruiz]( ([repo](|68 MB|
44.|[Zaid Marji]( ([repo](|68 MB|
45.|[Paula Alonso Palomar]( ([repo](|66 MB|
46.|[Camilo Ortiz]( ([repo](|65 MB|
47.|[Pallab Shrestha]( ([repo](|64 MB|
48.|[Georg Tremmel]( ([repo](|64 MB|
49.|[Ozgur Tuna Ozturk]( ([repo](|64 MB|
50.|[Lana Sattelmaier]( ([repo](|64 MB|
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