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<h3>Mechanical design</h3>
<h2>Mechanical design</h2>
<p><b>Group assignment</b></p>
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<hr />
<P>Oscilloscopes (or scopes) display voltage signals as waveforms,
visual representations of the variation of voltage over time. The signals are plotted on
a graph, which shows how the signal changes. The vertical (Y) access represents the
voltage magnitude and the horizontal (X) axis represents time. <br>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w6/s6_oscilloscope1-min.png" alt="" height="200"/></span><br>
The graph on an oscilloscope can reveal important information:
<li>Voltage signal shape when operating as intended</li>
<li>Current signal shape when using a current clamp suitable for using on an oscilloscope</li>
<li>Signal anomalies </li>
<li>Amplitude modulation of an oscillating signal and any variations in frequency</li>
<li>Whether a signal includes noise and changes to the noise</li>
<h3>End Stops Limit Switches</h3>
<P>End-stops can also be used as limit switches which prevent the machine from attempting to move beyond the physical limits of the
axis (by pausing/stopping movement when triggered), see the Endstops page for details about configuring Smoothie to use End Stops as limit switches.
</p> <br>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/41C+hBnFSwL.jpg" alt="" height="200"/></span></p><br>
The cnc shield offers us the necessary pins to connect our end switches but if we need to install more we could make a parallel connection
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/end_Switches.jpg" alt="" height="400"/></span></p><br>
Connections for Arduino Mega</p><br>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/Grbl_Pines_arduino 2560.jpg" alt="" height="400"/></span></p>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/Grbl_Pines.jpg" alt="" height="600"/></span></p>
we can find the pins in each case in the GRBL file gcode_h</p>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/pines_grbl.jpg" alt="" height="600"/></span></p><br>
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