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we can find the pins in each case in the GRBL file gcode_h</p>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/pines_grbl.jpg" alt="" height="600"/></span></p><br>
<h3>Component printing</h3>
<h4>Dremel stand</h4>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/imp1.jpg" alt="" height="210"/></span>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/imp2.jpg" alt="" height="210"/></span></p>
<h3>Improving the design</h3>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/imp4.jpeg" alt="" height="210"/></span>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/imp3.jpg" alt="" height="210"/></span></p>
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