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<a href=""> Raspberry Pi Imager</a> Once we download and install it, we can choose the operating
system that we want to install. this will be installed in a micro usb memory
For this assignment we will install the 32-bit Raspberry Pi Os which is a linux-based operating system</p>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/imager.jpg" alt="" height="400"/></span>
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<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/rasp_desk.jpg" /></span></p>
Once the installation is finished, it is necessary that our Raspberry has an internet connection, this can be by cable or through WiFi
To control the cnc we will use an arduino in conjunction with a cnc shield, the problem with this is that we cannot send large files, so
we will use the Raspberry, for this we will install the Bcnc software, doing the following steps, remember we are in linux</p>
<h3>Installation (using pip = recommended!)</h3>
This is short overview of installation proces, for more see the bCNC installation wiki page.</p>
This is how you install (or upgrade) bCNC along with all required packages. You can use any of these commands (you need only one):</p>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/inst1.jpg" /></span></p>
<h4>Controlling cnc</h4></p>
For the management of our CNC we will use the BCnc software
<li>Voltage signal shape when operating as intended</li>
<li>Current signal shape when using a current clamp suitable for using on an oscilloscope</li>
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