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<h4>Using Raspberry Pi</h4>
<h3>Using Raspberry Pi</h3>
<P>Raspberry Pi, is a "it's a credit card size computer that connects to your TV and a keyboard." It is a board that
supports various components necessary in a common computer. ... These ports allow you to connect the minicomputer
to other devices, keyboards, mice, and displays <br>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/Raspberry-Pi.jpg" alt="" height="500"/></span>
<h3>installing operating system</h3></p><br>
<h3>installing operating system</h3></p>
<p style=text-align:justify;>To install the operating system on our Raspberry we will use Raspberry Pi Imager that we can download from the following link
<a href=""> Raspberry Pi Imager</a> Once we download and install it, we can choose the operating
system that we want to install. this will be installed in a micro usb memory
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<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/inst1.jpg" /></span></p>
This is how you launch bCNC:
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/inst3.jpg" /></span></p>
<span class="image"><img src="img/w9/1.jpg" /></span></p>
<h4>Controlling cnc</h4></p>
For the management of our CNC we will use the BCnc software
<li>Voltage signal shape when operating as intended</li>
<li>Current signal shape when using a current clamp suitable for using on an oscilloscope</li>
<li>Signal anomalies </li>
<li>Amplitude modulation of an oscillating signal and any variations in frequency</li>
<li>Whether a signal includes noise and changes to the noise</li>
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