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<h4> DESIGN AND PRINT @Roberto</h4>
<p>@RobertoMoya has been in charge of the design and implementation of the cases for the electronic components of the machine. Thanks to his experience in 3D modeling and design, there was no problem in both design and manufacturing. </p>
<p>Initially, it was thought to make the manufacturing through 3D printing, however, in order to practice the techniques learned, it was chosen to manufacture through the laser cutting process, so it will greatly optimize the manufacturing times.
For the design process, the 2D AutoCAD design software was used, in order to train skills in this software, no other tool such as Maker Case that could have streamlined the design process is used.</p>
<p>Before proceeding with the design, we obtained the dimensions of the existing components and were able to improve and adapt them to our needs.</p>
<div class="row">
<img src="img/w9/rc/g2.jpeg" class="img-responsive col-5 col-xs-6"/>
<img src="img/w9/rc/g3.jpeg" class="img-responsive col-5 col-xs-6"/>
<img src="img/w9/rc/g4.jpeg" class="img-responsive col-5 col-xs-6"/>
<img src="img/w9/rc/g5.jpeg" class="img-responsive col-5 col-xs-6"/>
<h5>Design in Autocad</h5>
<div class="row">
<img src="img/w9/rc/g2.PNG" class="img-responsive col-5 col-xs-12"/>
<h5>Manufacturing process by laser cutting</h5>
<div class="row">
<img src="img/w9/rc/g6.jpeg" class="img-responsive col-5 col-xs-12"/>
<div class="row">
<img src="img/w9/rc/g7.jpeg" class="img-responsive col-5 col-xs-12"/>
<h5>Case completed</h5>
<div class="row">
<img src="img/w9/rc/g8.png" class="img-responsive col-5 col-xs-12"/>
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