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#include <SPI.h>
#include <RFM69.h>
#define NETWORKID 100 // Must be the same for all nodes
#define MYNODEID 2 // My node ID
#define RFM69_IRQ 15 //
#define RFM69_CS 2 //
#define RFM69_RST 13 //
#define KEY "spaceRocket"
#define FREQUENCY RF69_915MHZ
RFM69 rf69 = RFM69(RFM69_CS, RFM69_IRQ, true, digitalPinToInterrupt(RFM69_IRQ));
void setup() {
// manual reset
digitalWrite(RFM69_RST, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RFM69_RST, LOW);
void loop() {
if (rf69.receiveDone()) // Got one!
// Print out the information:
Serial.print("received from node ");
Serial.print(rf69.SENDERID, DEC);
Serial.print(", message [");
// The actual message is contained in the DATA array,
// and is DATALEN bytes in size:
for (byte i = 0; i < rf69.DATALEN; i++)
// RSSI is the "Receive Signal Strength Indicator",
// smaller numbers mean higher power.
Serial.print("], RSSI ");
if (rf69.ACKRequested())
Serial.println("ACK sent");
#include <SPI.h>
#include <RFM69.h>
#include <Arduino_LSM6DS3.h>
#define NETWORKID 100 // Must be the same for all nodes
#define MYNODEID 1 // My node ID
#define TONODEID 2 // Destination node ID
//#define RFM69_IRQ 14 //
//#define RFM69_CS 15 //
//#define RFM69_RST 13 //
#define RFM69_IRQ 3 //
#define RFM69_CS 4 //
#define RFM69_RST 2 //
#define KEY "spaceRocket"
#define FREQUENCY RF69_915MHZ
RFM69 rf69 = RFM69(RFM69_CS, RFM69_IRQ, true, digitalPinToInterrupt(RFM69_IRQ));
void setup() {
Serial.print("Node ");
Serial.println(" ready");
// manual reset
digitalWrite(RFM69_RST, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RFM69_RST, LOW);
void loop() {
static char sendbuffer[62];
static int sendlength = 0;
char radiopacket[80];
String dataString = "";
float x, y, z;
//if (IMU.accelerationAvailable()) {
//IMU.readAcceleration(x, y, z);
dataString += String(10) + ",";
dataString += String(11) + ",";
dataString += String(12) + ",";
Serial.print("sending to node ");
Serial.print(TONODEID, DEC);
if (rf69.sendWithRetry(TONODEID, radiopacket, strlen(radiopacket),10,30)) {
Serial.println(" - OK");
} else {
Serial.println(" - NOT RECEIVED");
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ body {
<p>I am currently a Physics major at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. I'm interested in space and have my own telescope at home</p>
<div class="w3-quarter">
<i class="fas fa-user-astronaut w3-margin-bottom w3-jumbo"></i>
<i class="fa fa-male w3-margin-bottom w3-jumbo"></i>
<p class="w3-large">Passtime</p>
<p>My favorite sport is ice hockey, I have played it since I was three. My favorite team to watch is the Philadelphia Flyers.</p>
<!DOCTYPE html>
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<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<script src=''></script>
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body {
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font-size: 130%:;
background-size: cover;
font-family: sans-serif;
padding: 30px;
margin: 300px;
margin-top: 100px;
line-height: 1.8;
letter-spacing: 1.5px;
h1 {
font-weight: bold;
margin-top: 30px;
.image {
display: block;
max-width: 100%;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
.img-with-text {
text-align: justify;
font-size: 90%;
text-align: center;
margin-bottom: 30px;
p.text-box {
border: 3px solid lightgrey;
background-color: lightgrey;
border-radius: 10px;
font-family: courier;
font-weight: bold;
footer {
position: absolute;
font-family: sans-serif;
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p.agreement {
text-align: center;
<a href="" class="class2"><img src="">
<li><a href="index.html" class="class1"> Home</a></li>
<li><a href="Projects.html" class="class1">Projects</a></li>
<li><a href="contact.html" class="class1">Contacts</a></li>
<li><a href="about.html" class="class1">About</a></li>
<li><div class="dropdown">
<button class="dropbtn">Assignments &#9660;</button>
<div class="dropdown-content">
<a href="week1.html">Week 1 a</a>
<a href="week1b.html">Week 1 b</a>
<a href="week2.html">Week 2</a>
<a href="week3.html">Week 3</a>
<a href="week4.html">Week 4</a>
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<a href="#">Week 16</a>
<a href="#">Week 17</a>
<a href="#">Week 18</a>
<h1><u>Week 18: Project Development</u></h1>
<p>This week I come in to update everyone on how my project has been going. Again
I am working on the 3D printed model rockets and I have some stuff to show, but
there is still a good amount of work to be done.</p>
<h1>3D Printing Progress</h1>
<p>The first phase of my project that I have put a lot of work into so far is 3D Printing
with the multiple Prusa MK3s models we have in our lab</p>
<p>The first design that I made in Fusion 360 is the control panel for the launcher of the rocket.
I measured out a lot of the specifications of what buttons fit where and how I wanted everything to fit together.</p>
<iframe src="" width="800" height="600"></iframe>
<p>The next thing I made in Fusion360 was a couple of parts for the rocket that I am going
to 3D print. Below you can first see the bottom portion of the rocket</p>
<iframe src="" width="800" height="600"></iframe>
<p>Next we have the midsection of the rocket</p>
<iframe src="" width="800" height="600"></iframe>
<p>And finally we have the nozzel for the rocket.</p>
<iframe src="" width="800" height="600"></iframe>
<p>3D printing is my most fleshed out portion of the project so far, as I have modeled
a couple of key pieces that I will need. In the future, I should be printing these
out as soon as tomorrow, as I need to get things finished asap. As you will see later,
I need to fit a board with an RFM69 chip inside the rocket somewhere as I will need to
record data as it is launched. Before designing the diameter of the rocket I designed
that and everything should fit together. </p>
<p>I still have multiple questions about this section as I need a good way to actually
have the payload installed, I need a good fit for when the nose cone is installed,
I need to find a good way to mount the engine inside, and I need to decide how I
will install the parachute. Those questions should be answered in the next couple of days. </p>
<h1>Progress on the Electronics</h1>
<p>As I have stated earlier, I have created the schematic and routed the payload
board, as I needed to know the necessary dimensions of the rocket so that it could fit inside.
These dimensions ended up being around 35mm. The rocket might be a little big and heavy, but it should
hopefully work in the end.</p>
<p>Below you can see the schematic that I worked on.</p>
<div class="img-with-text">
<img src="Images\dev1.JPG" class="image">
<i>What you see when opening Fusion 360</i>
<p>Below is how I routed my board. Not the best route ever, as I had to use a couple of jumpers
but it will do the job.</p>
<div class="img-with-text">
<img src="Images\dev2.JPG" class="image">
<i>What you see when opening Fusion 360</i>
<p>I will have three phases of the electronics section. There are three boards
that need to be milled, and I’ll call them rocket payload, rocket receiver,
and rocket control. The rocket payload is routed and just needs to be milled,
I plan on doing this as well as routing both the control and receiver boards
today, Jun 02. The receiver and control boards should then be milled the following day, Jun 03.</p>
<p>I still have a couple of questions and concerns about this week as the rocket
control board needs 14 pins for the 4 digit 7 segment display, and 8 pins for the
RFM69 chip. I need to go see my instructor and ask about what microcontrollers
we currently have. </p>
<h1>Progress on Vinyl Cutting</h1>
<p>No current progress has been made on vinyl cutting,
I'm not too concerned, as cutting out some decals should be pretty quick
and is currently last on my priority list. I should aim to get this done by
Jun 07, as I should try to keep a tight schedule, and that seems like plenty of time.</p>
<p>Some questions I need to ask myself is what am I trying to cut out. Logo? Name
of the rocket? What are some other interesting designs that I could include? I
currently have no answers for any of these.</p>
<h1>Progress on Communications</h1>
<div class="img-with-text">
<img src="Images\dev3.JPG" class="image">
<i>What you see when opening Fusion 360</i>
<div class="img-with-text">
<img src="Images\dev4.JPG" class="image">
<i>What you see when opening Fusion 360</i>
<p>Above you can see the two different arduino codes that I have for both of the
RFM69 chips that I have. I have been testing them out on Arduino Unos, I needed
two of them, and for the longest time I could not get anything to work. Luckily
both Jacob Libby and I got them working on Arduinos after a couple of hours. Both
of the RFMs need to wait for my boards to mill out so I will hopefully start
integrating them with ATtiny chips on... Lets say Jun 05.</p>
<div class="img-with-text">
<img src="Images\application2.JPG" class="image">
<i>What you see when opening Fusion 360</i>
<p>Some questions I need to ask is, will the RFM69 chips even work with ATtiny
microcontrollers? Another student in our lab, Tuna (like the fish), attempted
to get them working but the Radiohead library would not compile on the chips.
This could be a big problem in the future so that is something I should find out ASAP! </p>
<h1>Final Thoughts</h1>
<p>Currently I need to make more progress than I have, I ended up waiting for a
lot of things to come in the mail and have delayed the designing process by
quite a bit. Currently I can’t say if anything has worked or not because
I’m not in a position to have anything up and running yet. I plan to make
a lot of progress in the next couple of days, so hopefully nothing goes wrong. </p>
Kicad Files for Payload Board:
<li><p><a href="final\"></a></p></li>
Arduino Files for RFM69 Chips:
<li><p><a href="final\RFMsend.ino">RFMsend</a></p></li>
<li><p><a href="final\RFMrecieve.ino">RFMrecieve</a></p></li>
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<p>Powered by <a href="" title="W3.CSS" target="_blank" class="w3-hover-text-green">w3.css</a></p>
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