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......@@ -261,10 +261,10 @@ body {
<div class="w3-col l3 m6 w3-margin-bottom">
<div class="w3-card">
<img src="Images\5axis1.JPG" alt="Dan" width="100%" height="221px">
<img src="Images\output3.JPG" alt="Dan" width="100%" height="221px">
<div class="w3-container">
<h3>Week 12</h3>
<p class="w3-opacity">Wildcard Week</p>
<p class="w3-opacity">Output Devices</p>
<p>For wild card week I worked on 5-axis milling</p>
<form action="week12.html">
<p><button class="w3-button w3-light-grey w3-block"><i class="fa"></i> Take a Look</button></p>
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