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## What I thought I knew before
A little bit of a few different relevant computer languages through my studies and work on web design. A bit of Java, PHP, Javascript should give me a little bit of head start. The biggest challenge will how to get the data from the terminal into something where i can manipulate it.
## Learning Outcomes
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## What I did
- Choice of 'Tool'
A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... well last century at least, i use [MAX]( "MAX visual programming") in my first undergraduate degree (Sonic Art). I remember enjoying this using this visual programming language to create interactive sound and multimedia applications. I remember that MIDI used to control virtual instruments and music run on values from 0 to 255, numbers i'm very familiar with now with embedded programming. One student I remember, triggered music samples when a dancer moved over different pressure pads. So it will be interesting to see how this programming language has developed with technology in the last 20+ years.... (it hurts to say that).
How best to integrate this into my final project? Well, at it's simplest version (the proof of concept i'm trying to make) there doesn't need an application or user interface. In future spiral developments, an interface for a platform would be needed to collect and manipulate data collected from the sensors.
However, taking that old example above and one of the example user case studies for my final project (the dancer), I could leverage the 3 axis accelerometer to control sound synthesis or something for this week.
But this all relies on me finally getting a 3 axis accelerometer working connected to a board and talking in I2C.
## What I should’ve done
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