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<p>As pointed out I have used Luiz board therefore means I needed to redo this week with a board I had designed myself, so I went back and used my board from <a href="">week11</a> which I didn't use because the sketch was too large. But it was suggested that I use 'TinyWireM.h' onto my ATtiny44 and then use an Arduino uno and put on it 'Wire.h'.</p>
<p><b>THIS WORKED WOOHOO!!</b></p>
<img src="images/week14/boards.jpeg" width="700" alt="boards">
<img src="images/week14/networking_wk.jpeg" height="700" alt="networking_wk">
<p>I honestly really struggled with this week and having to do it 3 times over really has made it clear I will not be doing networking between two boards for a while haha.</p>
<a href="files/week14/TinyWireM.h.ino">sketch of TinyWireM.h .ino</a>
<h4>Design Files:</h4>
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