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week15 video and photo of led and final board

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<h2>Global evaluation</h2>
<p>As seen above I used Luiz's board which is incorrect as this is not a board that I have made myself. I therefore got my final board and had a go with this and it worked yay! I couldn't for some reason get the led ont he bpard to light up via pin 13 but managed to get it to work by using pin 8 and attaching an led on a breadboard and a resistor. It didn't come up very bright but I am very pleased it did work as I was worried I had broken the board again.</p>
<img src="images/week15/wk15_led.jpeg" height="500" alt="redledoff">
<video height="600" controls>
<source src="wk15_led.mp4" type="video/mp4">
<h4>Design Files:</h4>
<p>These are my traces and outlines for my final board, if you need Luiz outline and traces <a href="">click here</a></p>
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