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Week 02 and 03

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......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ Finally, I wanted to explore the [FabAcademy's website](
2. [Lab - The current lab I'm working in]( => Going back one will display all the labs but, the link added is a link to the Dassault Systemes lab
3. [Fab Academy 2021 Assignments and Assessments]( => This is where I find informaiton about what the assignment is for the week and how will it be assessed.
4. [The Fab Academy]( => This is the main page for the 2021 cohort. This page have a Search Engine where I can search for information or projects from past cohorts.
5. [The Fab Acadamy Inventory]( => THis is the Fab Academy inventory list
5. [The Fab Acadamy Inventory]( => This is the Fab Academy inventory list
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