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Working on week 06

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......@@ -181,15 +181,18 @@ I changed the scale to match the constraints by scaling my oject to *45%*:
This results in a 32 minutes print, 2 minutes over but, I think that will be fine. From there, I saved my print and started printing procress.
## Result Of My Print
The result of the print came out well. This print wouldn't have been able to be made subtractively because of the ring. The ring was connected to the Bitmoji during the print which would have been difficult to do with a subtractive machine. The final print result in:
The print quality wasn't the best however it did get the job done. I thinkn I would scale the object higher as it seems the smaller the object is, the less quality it produce. However,
1. In the case you would like to edit the design, you can download the **.stl** file here:[Download .stl](../files/
2. In the case you would like to print the design, you can download the **.gcode** file here: [Download .gcode](../files/
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