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Working on week 12

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......@@ -118,6 +118,8 @@ I selected **Hole** (**Create** > **Hole**) and placed it on the Top of the surf
**(Note: I decided to change the hole size to 10 mm)**
......@@ -146,7 +148,34 @@ Here are some final Fusion 360 shots:
Next is Casting
Note: I decided to add some last minute changes such as, I scaled my model down to be able to fit in on one wax block:
and I added a keychain insert on the design:
Next step was to create the wax I'll be using to mold my design in Fusion 360. I started off by adding some parameters.
From there, I created a cube.
The next step was to have the two components side by side.
# Casting
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