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# 3. Computer Aided Design
# 3. Computer-Aided Design
This week I worked on:
......@@ -6,6 +6,43 @@ This week I worked on:
- Exploring SolidWorks XDesign
- Exploring Autodesk Fusion 360
- Exploring Adobe Illustrator
- Modeling My Final Project
## Exploring SolidWorks
This week began with exploring SolidWorks. SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering computer program published by Dassault Systèmes. You can read more about SolidWorks here: [SolidWorks]( SolidWorks is a window-based application which means that it is only for windows. I needed to install SolidWorks on my Window computer which tool some time to do. To install SolidWork, I requested a product key from Fablab and downloaded it from the website: [SolidWork]( *In the case you are unable to retreive a product key, do a product trial*.
Once I installed SolidWorks, the application opened to the home page:
I started playing with SolidWorks to get some familiarity with it. Additionally, I used a tutorial I found on LinkedIn Learning to help with the learning process. Using a LinkedIn Learning course called ["Learning SolidWork" by Gabriel Corbett]( made it easier to learn SolidWorks.The course is estimated to be 2 hours and 29 minutes long. The course taught the basics of SolidWorks. It was a SolidWorks crashcourse which covered:
- Sketching 2D parts
- Basic 3D modeling with the Extrude and Revolve tools
- Trimming and extending geometry building reference planes
- Adding fillets and chambers to parts
Learning how to use SolidWorks was quite a challenge. SolidWorks' user interface and user experience was difficult to navigate through but, granted, I am not familiar with Computer-Aided Design softwares.
The tutorial started me off with learning about the Tool Panel.
It was overwhelming and remained overwhelming for some time. After finishing the tutorial, I created a simple design that was a box:
There was a few things I learned about SolidWorks but the knowledge that I took away the most was, in SolidWorks, *start with Parts then you take those parts you created and put them together in Assembly. From there, you can create a drawing in Drawing of either a part or an assembly.*
## My Verdict On SolidWorks
SolidWorks is a power application. I can see its potential however, I did not find the user interface comfortable to work with. Also, the fact that it is primarily for Windows made the learning SolidWorks more difficult as I am not familiar with Windows. As a result, I decided not to keep SolidWorks and regain 19 GB of memory back.
## Exploring SolidWorks XDesign
This week was an intense week. A lot was digested, learned, and done. Some valuable lessons I learned were
- Schedule and plan accordingly
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