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......@@ -90,8 +90,186 @@ I used Fusion 360 to develop my final project. As a reminder, my final project i
- [Easy Key tag Fusion 360 tutorial 2020](
- [Making a Simple Keychain in Autodesk Fusion 360](
- [Design a Keychain With Fusion in 3 Steps](
- [Modelling a remote in Fusion 360](
Additionally, I found [Car Key Fob]( design that [Franklin Turza]( With a few edits, this would be a great key fob for my smart button.
<iframe width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen src=""></iframe>
To develop my smart button remote, I followed the [Modelling a remote in Fusion 360]( tutorial. I started by opening Fusion 360 and create a **New Project**.
I created a **New Sketch**
And placed that sketch on the **Top** of the panel.
I created the following parameters by selecting **Change Parameters** under **MODIFY** :
- length : 3 inches
- width : 1.5 inches
- height : .5 inch
From there, I created a **Center To Center Slot** at the origin and to access that, I went to *CREATE* -> *SLOT* -> *CENTER TO CENTER SLOT*
From there, I started my sketch. I inserted the length and width to be the parameters I created:
I finished the sketch and then extruded the result by selecting **E** or by selecting the sketch I want to extrude, right clicking it, and selected **Extrude**. I made the extrude to be the height I created in the parameters and I also made it symetrical:
From there, I changed the orientation to the *FRONT* and started a **New Sketch** on its face. I selected a **3-Point Arc**
Then using the **3-point arc**, I created an arc on the front of my design:
From there, I created a **Rectangle** by selecting the **R** key on my keyboard or by selecting a **2-point rectangle** within **CREATE**:
Then I created a **Line** by selecting the **L** key on my keyboard or by selecting a **Line** within **CREATE**:
After creating my line, I drew a line on each dot that is shown in the design. This allowed me to do the following:
From there, I changed the orientation to:
Then extruded to the end of each side.
The result of the extrude was:
Now, I change the orientation to the right:
I created a new sketch the right side and selected a **3-point arc**. The goal was to do a repeat of what I did previously to get the following result:
From there, I selected the rim of the remote:
I selected the rim of the remote to add a fillet to it. To add fillet, press the key **F** or go to **MODIFY** > **Fillet**:
I also set a fillet for the bottom as well.
Now, to work on the top of the remote:
Looking at the top, the top of the remote was not flat. To flatten the top, I changed the orientation to be *Left*:
I then created a rectangle to intersect with the remote:
I extruded the rectangle, selected it to be symmetrical and then cut the remote from one side to the other:
Now, looking at the top again, it is flat:
It is time to add a output screen, a button, and a key holder. I started with the output screen. Changing the orientation to the top of the remote, I created a box which can be found in **CREATE**:
I placed the box on the upper top of the remote and made it an inch long and wide.
The result:
This box will be where the output screen will be placed. Here is an example using the Fusion 360's Appearance feature found in **MODIFY** > **Appearance** or by pressing **a**:
An example:
Now for the button. To add a button, I created a new sketch on the top face. I drew a circle which can be found in **CREATE**:
Once I drew my circle, I selected ***Split Body** which can be found in **MODIFY**:
I selected the remote body to be the *Body To Split* and the circle to be the *Splitting Tools*:
The next step is to make this button more viewable. To do so, I selected the circle outline and right click to open up the menu:
I then selected *Press Pull* and configured it to .05 inches:
Here is the result:
Finally, I need to add a place to connect it to my keys or a chain to make it easily accesible. To do so, I created a hole at the bottom end of the top. I did so by slecting **Hole** within the **CREATE** panel:
Once it was selected, I moved the hole towards the bottom end of the remote:
The hole is in the case you would like to have your smart remote/button on your keychain. The final result:
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