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This group assingment helped us to discover the difference between Serial1 and Serial2. The board of Theo was plugged on RX1 and TX1, the pins 30 and 31 from the SAMD11C, the board of Elina was plugged on the pins RX2 and TX2, which are the pins 4 and 5. In that way we saw that to make the communciation between our 2 boards, Elina needed to use Serial2, and Theo Serial1.
Here is the code flashed on Elina's board.
void setup() {
Serial2.begin(115200, SERIAL_8E2);
void loop() {
if (SerialUSB.available()) {
if (Serial2.available()) {
## File
- [Arduino code.ino](../files/Group_test1.ino)
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