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This week the group assignment was to send a message between two projects. For this we used Elina's board and Theo's board. For the communication voice we decided to use the Tx/Rx voice. We were then able to send messages between the two boards. In the rest of this documentation we will show you how to send a message between two SAMD11Cs using Tx/Rx voice.
*Elina took a picture in a same time with her phone*
Here is the picture from the other screen.
## Wiring
Concerning the connection, it is quite simple. It is enough to connect the Tx terminal of the SAMD11C of Elina to the Rx pin of the board of Theo. Inversely for the Rx terminal. Also connect the GNDs together so that the electrons can flow. Then you just need to power the two boards. For that we used the USB port present on our computers and on our boards.
Here is the picture from the other screen.
## The code
For the code part we used [Quentin]('s code on his page. Here is the code
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