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7. Tool Down Key- Tool moves in the z axis towards 0
### The Machine Coordinate System
<p align="center"><img alt="XYZ" src="../../images/week05/xyz.jpg" /> </p>
Here, the X, Y, and Z axes refer to the machine’s motions. When viewed from the front of the machine, the X axis runs from left to right, the Y axis runs from front to back, and the Z axis runs up and down, vertically perpendicular to the other two. In this machine the Bed is the Y axis, and the spindle movement shows the Z-axis.
### Maximum cutting area of the Machine
<p align="center"><img alt="XYZ" src="../../images/week05/xyzcut.jpg" /> </p>
### Coordinate Measuring Machine
Machine also acts as a coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)
It works in much the same way as the finger of our hands when it traces map coordinates; its three axes form the machine's coordinate system. Instead of a finger, it uses a probe to measure points on any object placed on it. Each point on the object is unique to the machine's coordinate system.It then combines the measured points to form a feature that can now be related to all other features.
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