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For this week the instructors from fablabbcn had tweaked the "Kraken" to write on sand. And we, as students we could play with it remotely. (Because Covid)
This was the machine this last Thursday, just cleaned and connected. Ready to be used by us.
[Here is the link of what they made](https://gitlab.com/fablabbcn-projects/learning/the-cnc-by-the-sea/-/tree/master#the-cnc-by-the-sea)
_just ready to draw in the sand_
### The Setup
So, the schema it's like this. They are using the Kraken. A custom CNC multipurpose machine that's connected to an Arduino Mega.
That machine is connected to a rasberry pi.
#### Raspberry pi and microcontrollers. Similar in shape. Different in concept and purpose
At this point I think it's important to understand the difference between a rasberry pi and a arduino (or any microcontroller). The raspberry pi it's a [micro computer](https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b/specifications/). It has OS and it's more powerful but also it's more high level. Usually you don't need a rasberry pi to make easy programs as we can do with a microcontroller. But also that extra power can be handy for other situations. This one is a case for that.
The idea it's that rasberry pi runs several servers. Once for the CNC.js (the program that controls the CNC) and two more for each webcamera (to record what's happening)
That raspberry pi it's connected via USB (serial) to the arduino and it controls the CNC through a program, CNC.js
Then it allows remote control and it's setted up with the router with the public IP behind a layer of authentification.
And we, as users we connect and send the GCODE (marlin) that's installed in the arduino to control the CNC.
Ok, [luckily I had already a class on GCODE](http://fabacademy.org/2020/labs/barcelona/local/#material/extras/makeclub/gcode/) in the maker club and I've already drawn something in a 3D printer with a marker (more less)
GCODE it's a machine language that's a series of instructions coded to make the machine do certain orders. As far as we know, it's commonly used by 3Dprinters and CNCs
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