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> Test the design rules for your 3D printer(s)
## Tested 3D printers :
## Tested 3D printers
* [Prusa i3 MK3](
* [Up! Plus 2](
* [Form 2](
## Torture test models :
## Torture test models
* [FDM test model](
* [SLA test model](
## Testing the Prusa i3 MK3
### Print Settings
We made this 2 configuration with the printer
* 0.20 with PLA wit no support and no brim, infill 20%
* 0.15 with PLA with no support and no brim, infill 20%
### Results
|*0.15 mm*| *0.2 mm*|
For both settings the results are really good!
* There is no major defect
* The cantilevered parts are especially impressive
* There is no welding for close parts
* The vertical pins can be printed almost entirely
The difference between both parts is however very difficult to see. The main clue is in the inclined plane: It is smoother for low angle (~15°) for the second configuration, with the thinner layer thickness.
## Testing the Up! Plus 2
### Print settings
Infill was set to 20%.
* 0.20 with PLA wit no support and no brim, infill 20%
### Result
The results are also quite good!
* Even with the no support settings, the printed adds some support for the first Layer
* The geometry is quite smooth (really good on the inclined plane)
* The text renders with a lower quality, as the vertical pins.
* There is welding with the 0.2 mm clearance.
## Testing the Form 2
### Print settings
Layer height was set to 0,05mm.
* Layer height was set to 0,05mm.
### Result
......@@ -44,4 +88,10 @@ Layer height was set to 0,05mm.
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The Printing time in much longer with the technology. Even if the resolution seems lower than for the other printers, some defaults can be noted:
* The bottom layer is filled and the hole in it is closed.
* Some small patterns are not well rendered (small clearance is welded)
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