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<p>In order to install an apk file it is needed to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on the device. After that just by simply downloading the apk file and touching on the file we can install the application. <a href="https://www.androidpit.com/android-for-beginners-what-is-an-apk-file">This</a> is helpful if one does not know about apk files.</p>
<img src="images/week13/HC06.jpg" style="width:100%" />
<img src="images/week13/hc06.jpg" style="width:100%" />
<center><figcaption>Fig. HC-06 bluetooth module</figcaption></center>
<p>Later we connected few of our boards together to glow each LED when the letter corresponding to the number assigned to the node was pressed in the app. </p>
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