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The green arrow on the ring shows the time when the heating starts.
The white triangle outside the ring of the timer must point at the current time.
<div class="img-container"><img style="width: 700px;" src="../img/assignments/w12/1.jpg" alt=""><br><b>Figure 1. </b>Existing block heater.</div>
<div class="img-container"><img style="width: 700px;" src="../img/assignments/w12/1.JPG" alt=""><br><b>Figure 1. </b>Existing block heater.</div>
Some of the disadvantages of this system are:
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In the following table, a list of the material and their prices is given. Therefore, the prototype is CHEAP!
More detail about the components' and materials' features in the <a href="http://.../"><b>Project Development page</b></a>.
<div class="img-container"><img style="width: 700px;" src="../img/assignments/w12/2.jpg" alt=""><br><b>Figure 2. </b>Materials and Components
<div class="img-container"><img style="width: 700px;" src="../img/assignments/w12/2.JPG" alt=""><br><b>Figure 2. </b>Materials and Components
(<a href=""><b>a</b></a> and <a href=""><b>b</b></a>). </div>
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So, here, I will go directly to explaining the development steps. Table .1 shows the different steps of the process that
I took (and the parts that were designed) and assembled for building the project, and the skills that were required by each:
<div class="img-container"><img style="width: 500px;" src="../img/assignments/w19/1.jpg" alt=""><br><b>Figure 1. </b>Project development steps.</div>
<div class="img-container"><img style="width: 500px;" src="../img/assignments/w19/1.JPG" alt=""><br><b>Figure 1. </b>Project development steps.</div>
In the following sections, each of the steps are explained and the following questions are answered about each:
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