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Here, since we have a master/slave architecture, the only node of the network that can issue
commands is the master (PC). For simplicity, only one command is included in the codes.
<div class="img-container"><img style="width: 900px;" src="../img/assignments/w13/5.jpg" alt=""><br><b>Figure 5. </b> board 1 code.</div>
<div class="img-container"><img style="width: 500px;" src="../img/assignments/w13/5.png" alt=""><br><b>Figure 5. </b> board 1 code.</div>
The following video shows the execution of the above-mentioned communication.
In this test, the PC first command board 1 to blink its LED five times, and then command board 2 to blink its LED seven times.
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